'Sports does not build character, it reveals it'

Vision Sports Reconnect Pvt. Ltd. is a 4-year-old venture, which has delivered excellence in sports training and fitness. It is Mumbai's most successful Sports Resource provider & Sports Tournament Facilitator , with a unique comprehensive product ecosystem. It was voted as one of the Top-10 Sports Startups in India, in 2017.

We offer National Level Sports Training for Multiple Sports ie Cricket, Basketball, Football, Table Tennis, Tennis, Badminton, Chess, Swimming,Skating etc across all age groups.

Along with our highly skilled and expert coaches the trainees are also aided by a structured curriculum and regular assessment plan. A focused sports consultancy encourages consistency and thereby enables high growth in performance.

So far we have created 1 Commonwealth Gold Medallist, 34 National, 68 State & 138 District medallists along with having an operational effieiency of 99.7 %.

We also create the platform for individuals to compete professionally in tournaments & we have organized multiple event / tournament properties catering to lakhs of people.

Some of our tournaments properties include DSO Sport Championships of 650 schools & 50000 kids, Rotary Polio Run of 30000 runners, Housing Society League featuring a huge number of societies across Mumbai.

Our vision

To inspire a fitter future generation by creating a sporting culture providing world class sporting resources & platform.

Our Mission

Create an Olympic Gold medallist by 2024 by identifying and reaching out to the numerous sporting talents throughout India to cater to their needs, enabling them to achieve greater heights.

We bring out your inner sportsperson, train you and help you to represent at National & international level.

Track Record

Vision Sports Reconnect has trained more than 10,000 children of various age groups, conducted one of the largest summer camps in Mumbai with over 3,500 children. We have conducted over 50 District, State and National levels tournaments across multiple age groups in over 10 sports.

We have produced 1 Commonwealth Gold, 34 National, 68 State and more than 138 District Level Champions over the span of 3 years.

The uniquely developed Fitness Quotient Index Program-
Our Fitness Quotient Index Program (FQIP) is inspired by the National Physical Fitness Program under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (August 2013). This leads into the INSTAL (Identification and Nurturing of Sporting Talent in Schools). The FQIP intends to target 300 schools and reaches approximately 6 Lakh school children and teachers this year.

Our Story

The Thought

With growth of easy sources of entertainment, urbanization, increasing pressures of modern day education, there is a deficit in the level of physical activities and sports that children undertake.

Many parents who attempt to go against this tide, face problems like lacking time for proper guidance, lack of quality trainers and venues, no thus no real scope of growth.  

We came around to help solve this and be able to reach out to everyone who can benefit from this initiative. Bringing children back from virtual sports to the real sports.

While getting esteemed government jobs could have been easier, we wanted to go against the tide and work at the grassroots. It was a big risk, but we took a plunger, thinking this was as good a time as any. Numerous challenges came our way, but those have just further strengthened our belief on this journey.


The initial days were tough and it was all about working out of home with no employees. Soon things began to change and results started to follow. One of the early successes was taking a coaching camp in IIT Bombay where they went on to win the National Gold Medal in their annual institutional championships after many years. This really gave us a boost and then results started flowing

Today the agency has more than 30 centres established across Mumbai in 10 different sports. There are 3 people in the Top-8 of the country from our centres in the sport of table tennis.

Sports Reconnect conducted its first official sports event “Inter-corporate Table-Tennis tournament” at Pune. Many companies like WIPRO, TCS, Tech Mahindra amongst other IT firms made the tournament a resounding success. While the participants honed their skills and competitive edge at the sport, it was an ideal get away from their hectic schedules.

In 2017, we got voted as amongst the Top -10 Sports Start-ups in India. 2018 was a bigger landmark where we had our Commonwealth Gold Medallist from our academy and the efforts are on to secure the first Olympic Gold medallist by 2024.


Along with our Olympics Gold Medal dream, Sports Reconnect aims to be India’s foremost sports resource provider for individuals, clubs, corporations, government institutions. All-round player development: on and off-court skills, physical and mental conditioning etc. are all crucial elements and integral parts of our coaching curriculum.

We aim to open at least 200 quality training centres for all sports across India in the next 2 years and also set up a sports school under a PPP model. Our immediate mission, to have an Olympic gold medallist soon from one of our training centres by 2024.

Our Core Team

  • Sourav Ghosh - Director & Co Founder

    Sourav Ghosh is a National level Silver Medallist in Table Tennis and has represented Maharashtra many times in his career at various age groups.

    He believes, to be successful in entrepreneurship all you need is commitment and dedication towards achieving the goal. He strongly believes that knowledge has to be shared to create room for more information to enter.

    An engineering graduate in Electronics & Telecomunnication from Mumbai University.He has gone onto pursue his many passions and excel in all of them. Apart from sports he also holds the distinction of being one of the youngest teachers of Art of Living at age of eighteen. He continues to travel across India to various schools, colleges and universities conducting the highly acclaimed YES+ & Art of Living workshops and stands as a youth inspiration to many.

    Sourav is a youth motivator and has been instrumental in running many large campaigns across Mumbai eg. Clean up Mumbai, Stand up and Speak out, Mission green earth etc. with Art of Living and various UN Bodies.

    With his expertise he spearheads the team with wisdom and long-term assessment, ensuring growth both ways. He exceptional work ethic gets him regular invitations as guest speaker at corporate and college seminars for entrepreneurial workshops.

    Sourav’s motto is to help people unlock their hidden potential & inspire them to live to the fullest.

  • Omkar Torgalkar - Chief Technical Advisor

    Omkar is one of the top ranked Table Tennis players in the country. Immensely dedicated yet well grounded. 
    A multiple time Mumbai District and Maharashtra State Champion, two times national schools champion in 2001,2002, runner up open national championships under 14, silver medallist at the world junior championships 2000. Omkar has consistently represented India many times across age categories including under 14, under 17 and under 21.
    Omkar is also a Silver medallist at the senior nationals from 2006 to 2008.

    Omkar has won the British premier TT league championship 2010 and the Belgium League Championship in the same year. Not content with proving his capability as a player at the national and international level, Omkar has also successfully completed an International TT coaching course Level 1 from UK. 

    Omkar holds a Masters in Sports Management from UK.
    This self-confessed fitness freak is a gem of a person possessing amazing tactical acumen. He brings to the table his immense knowledge and first hand experience of sports, sports training and coaching and dreams of promoting sports from the grassroots level.

  • Sandip Roy - Operations Head

    Sandip brings to the organization over 24 years of rich corporate experience handling multi-cultural workforces across India and overseas. He tempers the youthful exuberance of his team with the right amount of business acumen and strives for organizational efficiency. 

    Sandip is a systems and process fan and his primary role is to expand the avenues of our company by helping us start new centre across the country and implement new business strategy’s. With his happy go lucky attitude, he definitely knows how to make work fun and yet is extremely efficient at it. He's a man of few words, but makes his presence felt with his outstanding dedication and business acumen.

  • Adil - A Football fanatic

    Rotract is his middle name, Social service is his passion, His mission is to be a facilitator for training future International footballers.

    He handles our different centres & complete tournament execution.

  • Amol- A passionate footballer

    Politics is his past time, learning new things is something that he enjoys, He would like to Create a identity & be a influencer in sports. Handles our operations, coaches & centres.

  • Dhiraj- Foodie by nature

    being always available is his motto, an entrepreneur by mission, he has already set up 2 restaurants as a passion. He leads our sales team with a mission of reaching best quality sports training to every child in Mumbai.

  • Pooja – A Mother by nature

    A Sports Lover at Heart & atmost methodical in all her work . She manages the entire operations ensuring that the team always delivers on what they have set out to.