“Talent wins Games, Teamwork wins Championships”

Sports and Fitness go hand in hand with Human Resource development..

  • In today’s highly competitive world “Innovation” is critical. Talent resources (read employees) need to be provided with the right tools to unlock and realise their innovation skills and generate ideas to optimise their performance.
  • The true source of success is human capital. People are the most important resource of a company, and we believe that the relationship between your work teams must be nourished with care. If we manage it well and generate respect, good results are bound to follow.
  • From a management perspective -Leadership Skills, Change Management and Team Synergy are the key scope outs that are taken away in our carefully designed sports programs.
  • Ofcourse, the benefits of a healthier more active lifestyle, exercise and recreation are added bonuses!
  • Experiential learning with our innovative blend of aspirational and competitive sports are an effective method to train and prepare corporate executives irrespective of their levels and responsibilities - within companies of all sizes and agendas.

Our extensive range of events and activities are designed to bring people together which we believe is paramount to any successful organisation in an increasingly competitive market. Effective team building is a continuous process to make it a successful organisation. Performing interactive activities has become a part of the corporate culture. Right from group training to team building activities to organization customised sports events and tournaments; we are known to be one stop shop for all your firm might need in sports. These activities give the employees the much needed rejuvenation amidst the rigorous demands of the corporate world and also create goodwill for the employers amongst its employees and partners. We have a host of activities which helps employees to work and build as a team. Vision Sports Reconnect takes complete charge of the event and executes it professionally and creatively.
We also organise Inter Corporates and Infra Corporates event which builds a stronger bond amongst them.


“Bonding the relationship and strengthening the fellowship”

We bring a multiplicity of activities for various communities with the intention of creating a sense of bonding amongst them. We have a full-fledged team who manages the complete event effortlessly. These events are conceived , planned and managed by our expert event management teams who visualize the entire event before executing them. Apart from organising sport tournament, we also manage Theme based events which are sports centric. These activities helps in understanding oneself better and also helps in maintaining the fitness and wellness of every individual. Sports like Football, Cricket, Basketball creates a sense of together ship to win the competition. As it is designed in a tournament style, every individual has an opportunity to bring out their true strength to compete with each other while having fun.

Hyper Local Sports Events

Housing Society League (HSL) is a unique concept brought to you by Vision Sports Reconnect Pvt Ltd. The HSL offers a fun packed weekend for the entire family right at their doorstep. It’s an opportunity to bring out latent sporting talent find out the best society ‘The Ultimate Winner’. HSL is a platform for to showcase family and sportsman spirit and mark their society’s name on the wall of fame. This event brings the young and old groups together to play as a team and achieve victory.

We also help the society to creatively utilize the Club House by introducing them with various sport activities.