Physical Education (PE)

Vision Sports Reconnect takes Physical Education to an all new level of learning.

Mostly, Physical Education in schools avoid focus on mutiple skill development & overall personality development of the kid and only provide a basic physical activity opportunity. We believe sport plays a vital role in transforming the student and helps them concentrate and focus on their goals. We at Sports Reconnect prepare students to stay fit and healthy from within. When students are given proper Physical Education it helps in making them psychologically, physically and physiologically active.
Our Modern curriculum introduce them to team work, self-discipline, sportsmanship, leadership and socialization among the kids through our various processes as part of our specialized PE curriculum. We also have specialized teachers who guides the students with essential sporting activities needed for their development.
Our PE Program meets the physical needs of the child and the need for movement experiences, challenges and play. It develops a desire for daily physical activity and encourages constructive use of free time and participation in physical activities in adult life...
Physical education provides opportunities to develop desirable personal and social attributes: the concept of fair play, the acceptance of success and failure, and the ability to co-operate in group situations. These opportunities ultimately contribute to the understanding and promotion of a healthy life-style.

Physical Education Sports

For students who display an affinity and are focused on a specific sport; we build on their interest and guide them towards achieving success in their respective sport. We train these budding talents with our top notch coaches who instill discipline in them and drives them towards accomplishing their goal. In today’s dynamic world, sports education has graduated to a mainstream line item lined. In keeping with the current expectations of parents as well as stiff competition faced today in the education sector, it has become a necessity for schools to have high quality sports facilities in their premises. Many a times despite having excellent infrastructure, there are no proper utilization due to lack of professional trainers. We train students by providing world class sports resources with our state of the art equipment and expert coaches.

Post School Activities (PSA)

Take your passion for sport to International level .

This offering is specially designed for those who are passionate about a particular sport and wish to take their passion to professional level. We are proud of the fact that we are the only company who have a 3600 professional training engagement plan for kids who wish to take their talent to State/ National and International level. We use latest training methodologies from around the world and our programs are built around a structure that leads the trainer gradually through all the necessary skills needed to master the chosen sport.
Our some of the national level Athletes who has made us proud by winning medals are:
Senhora Dsouza, Yash Deshmukh, Dhruv Das, Jash Jaboliya