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  • Sports Summer Camps started at KVO Samaj

    Sports Reconnect has managed Sports Summer Camp at KVO Seva Samaj at multiple locations, started from 9th May 2016. This specialized sports summer camp includes multiple sport

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  • HSL Starts on 21st May

    Housing Society League(HSL) is a proactive step to channelize the latent need to invigorate the lives of accomplished urban citizenry by cumulatively instilling sports!

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  • MHSL Started on 2nd April

    Masters Housing Society League (MHSL) is a distinctive Cricket League for “The Arrived Veterans” is organized between 2nd April to 16 the April 2016 in Chembur

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empower students to be fit KNOW YOUR SCHOOL’S FITNESS QUOTIENT

As daily living has become more deskbound, physical activity is critical to student’s health and well-being. Research shows that children with better health are in sch ool days, they are better able to learn, have high level of self-esteem and are at lower risk for developing health problems.

The ultimate goal for students is to value physical activity as a key factor to manage their fitness and health through regular participation in various physical activities.

FQ is a program developed to ensure what happens before, during, and after the fitness assessment is beneficial for students and school and leads to creating youth who are active for life.


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